Students honor beloved school secretary Sheryl Rice

We are honored to announce the donation of $500 raised by students at Cascade Middle School in Seattle in memory of Sheryl Rice, the school's office manager, and attendance secretary.  Sheryl lost her battle with sarcoma on September 20, 2017.

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"To each of us at Cascade and in the Auburn School District, Sheryl was our blessing and our inspiration." Said school principal Isaiah Johnson.  "She was our angel who touched our lives in such a positive way." 

Sheryl was a lover of the outdoors, especially the ocean.  She was an active member of Calvary Community Church, and participated in numerous fundraisers to support families with children fighting cancer.

Here is a letter about Sheryl written by the school principal, Isaiah Johnson:

When it came to Cascade Middle School, she was the face of Cascade Middle School as she was often the first face many of our families, students, and staff saw when they came into the main office.

On the days that were challenging at Cascade, Sheryl was our face of hope, our face of encouragement, our face of strength, our face of love. She kept us united on our mission to serve our students and families with SPARTAN EXCELLENCE: EVERYONE, EVERYDAY, EVERYWHERE. She made our jobs easier by helping to manage us and our emotions .

She played a major role in helping to foster a positive culture at Cascade. All that knew her would say that “Sheryl had a positive impact on my life”. She once told me that cancer was not an obstacle but an opportunity to change her life for the better and to change other people's lives. In a selfish world, Sheryl was selfless. She put others ahead of her despite her pain and despite her struggle.

At Cascade, we will always remember Sheryl and we have committed to raising money for the SARCOMA FOUNDATION and will donate to this foundation in Sheryl’s honor. We are also in the process of getting a new digital reader board at Cascade and we will dedicate our reader board in memory of Sheryl as she was our source of information and she was our light. We will have a plaque made in her honor to be placed on the reader board.

The school is still fundraising the $25,000 needed for the reader board, which will be dedicated to Sheryl.  If you would like to make a contribution, you may do so here.


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