Katie's Story

Katie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in her left tibia just three days after her 15th birthday and the start of high school. In just the first two months, Katie endured intense chemotherapy, limb salvage surgery to remove the tumor that required she have her entire left knee removed and replaced with titanium and stainless steel. In the ensuing 12 months, she continued with chemotherapy and experienced continuous infections, nausea, vomiting, frustration, disappointment, and immense pain. She missed school, carefree teenage years, and special times with family and friends.

In July 2012 her end of treatment scans were clear of disease, however she still had a dangerous persistent infection in her leg. By the time her three-month post treatment scans were performed, the cancer had returned and metastasized to both of her lungs.

She had four thoracotomies and one lobectomy to remove the cancer that kept coming back again and again. Her scans in March 2014, revealed more tumors in her lung ... again. Katie had run out of treatment options.

Katie succumbed to the cancer on January 28, 2015. She packed so much life and love into her short 18 years and it was her wish to continue to help others wherever we could.

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