Turning Point


This is a poem from my father’s third book of poems — all written after his initial Leiomyosarcoma diagnosis in the Spring of 2017. The tumor was removed from his right thigh, but it metastasized to his lungs in the Winter of 2017. This is his second bout with cancer — he had been diagnosed and cured of ocular cancer more than a decade ago. He never complained then and he doesn’t complain today. Had it not been for his poems, I wouldn’t have truly understood his struggles and fears. I submit this poem with a heartfelt prayer for all of those who are fighting against sarcoma — may the Turning Point of your lives become catalytic turning points for everyone around you; moving us all toward steadfast resolve in making this world better. 

- Chewon Lee

Turning Point

In a long journey that is called life,
an event surely transpires that serves as a turning point,
changing the direction in which we are headed

Whether small or large,
that event will come with a force,
which will unroot our entire lives

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StoryCorps | National Day Of Listening

Partnering with OHSU, the Keller Lab, and a grant from NCI

Oregon Health & Science University and Doernbecher Children's Hospital were chosen to be the 2010 Oregon state representative for StoryCorps National Day of Listening. While the country was out shopping on Black Friday, many gathered around the country to share their story of life.

At Doernbecher Children's Hospital, twenty members of the cancer community shared their journey with us. Participants of all age groups included current patients, survivors, family members as well as medical staff. We hope that through those moments of courage, humor, tears, trails, and triumphs of one another's stories that we can inspire those around us and provide hope for a better future.

Josh & Carson

Interview Audio

Josh & Spencer

Interview Audio

April & Lynette

Interview Audio

Medical Staff

Interview Audio

Heidi & Melissa

Interview Audio


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