Justin S.

Almost four years ago, when I was twenty years old, I was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma in my right femur. At first I thought it was complications due to my recent ACL and meniscus' repair in my right knee, but after an MRI and a swift round of testing, results showed it to be a much greater problem.

At the moment I found this out, the battle began and it was certainly just that. Through the support and experience of my family, friends and doctors, especially Dr. Conrad and Dr. Howlett, I was able to make it out of the struggle, cancer free about a year later. Finding the tumor in time and gaining all the knowledge about sarcomas that I could played an integral role in my survival. Awareness is the number one tool for prevention, detection and treatment. Although sometimes fatal, sarcoma can be treated if found in time. The NW Sarcoma Foundation can be a major influence in curing this disease and raising awareness. The foundation provides great information and facilitates fundraising events and opportunities that go directly towards conquering sarcomas. They also provide endless support for not only the patients, but the family and friends as well. It is so important to create a compassionate and encouraging atmosphere for all involved, which the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation certainly does.

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