Linda H.

In 1993 I felt a small lump, about the size of a marble in my right shoulder. I made an appointment with my general practitioner and he told me it was nothing to worry about. He called it a fatty tumor and said that it was very common. Several months later I saw my gynecologist and the subject came up again while I was talking with his nurse. He sent me to see a specialist and that Dr. wanted me to have an MRI. The MRI and a follow-up biopsy confirmed that I had a soft tissue sarcoma histiocytoma in my deltoid muscle. That was shocking news!

In the months and years to come I would have radiation and multiple surgeries to remove the tumor. During that time I was referred to Dr. Conrad. Through the UW Hospital I received 8 cycles of intensive chemotherapy. That was the most difficult experience of my entire life. The tumor recurred about a year after I finished chemotherapy and a forequarter amputation of my right arm/shoulder took place in January 1999.

Living with one arm hasn't been as difficult as I once thought it would be, but it does not come without some frustrating moments. My husband and I couldn't find very much information as to how to function in a two-handed world. So we "guessed and by goshed" our way to a few helpful ideas. The information we accumulated developed into my one arm web site.

It was also very inspiring for me to read two of Dave Dravecky's books dealing with his forequarter amputation, Comeback & When You Can't Come Back. Dave was a major league pitcher for the San Francisco Giants before he lost his dominate arm to cancer. He and his wife offer hope and encouragement to amputee's through their ministry.

Through it all I have had the most awesome support from my husband, family, friends and my church. I have felt cared for in every way. I am extremely thankful and humbled to be able to say, I have been cancer free for 10 years! I consider that truly a miracle! Each day is a gift from the Lord.

I am extremely grateful to Dr. "Chappie" Conrad for his kind heart, his patience with me and his most knowledgeable expertise in my care. He was always willing to spend whatever time I needed to get through all my questions, concerns and fears.

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