Jade S.

Jade was diagnosed February 4, 2009. She found the lump after a trampoline accident. She went to the doctor's office and they said there was a tumor in her tibia, so they sent her to Seattle Children's Hospital to do a biopsy.

Then at 10:00 pm they heard the terrible news. After several months of chemotherapy they put in a bone allograph (Replacement) and a metal plate in her leg. Then a couple months later she got a staph infection in her tibia and the doctors put her on antibiotics for 6 weeks, but the infection would not go away so they opened her up and scraped the infection from her leg ... Or so they thought. It came back and they did the same thing again, but after that surgery it was still there! So then they took out the plate, put in a spacer (Cement Bone with antibiotics built into it) in her leg. The spacer was there for 3 months then they took it out. When they went in that there was no infection!!!! (During all of those months of fighting infections she was still on I.V. Antibiotics). She had a total of six surgeries on her leg, and has lived away from home at the Ronald McDonald House for 14 months. Now she working on her walking and is a very happy 11 year old!

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