Tony M.

"... My leiomeyo sarcoma is on the medial side of my left knee. It had been misdiagnosed as a lipoma and disorganized hematoma. It was not until it had become very painful and my wife insisted on a MRI that led to what it really was. The first MRI hinted at possible cancer and suggested a contrasted MRI. Two days later my orthopedic surgeon ordered a contrasted MRI and it cleared me of cancer. Since it was so painful and I had lost some range of motion he decided to perform surgery to take it out. While I was having this initial surgery it was then realized that it was not normal tissue so a biopsy was performed. The lab then said it was a soft tissue sarcoma. I then made it to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance to meet with the doctors mentioned above. It was made clear to us that the SCCA are the best at dealing with sarcomas."

"I have since been through four rounds of chemo therapy at the University of Washington Medical Center. Each round I am inpatient for five days. It is hard on me but it has been very effective. This Thursday I am having surgery performed by Dr. Conrad. I am looking forward to have the rest of the tumor removed! But my life has become much more normal since the chemo. I am back to walking 6 miles at a time several times a week, riding my bike the same, along with various other exercises. We also do a couple of hikes on the weekends. The attached pictured is me with our dog Denali. Also the pain has been long gone!"

"I will still have radiation to go through for five weeks and then possibly two more rounds of chemo but I feel I am on the good side of it. At this point I feel very good and just so thankful for the care and treatment I am receiving. This is a very rare cancer for Alaska, as well as many places, so travel is necessary for this type of care and donations such as yours really helps. Insurance does not cover travel and lodging."

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