2016 Help$ Financial Assistance Program Update

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This year we will distribute more than $75,000 directly to families facing the financial distress that often accompanies a sarcoma diagnosis.  We make the process easy for patients, working directly with social workers in hospitals and clinics all over the Northwest.  Often, we are able to get a check in the hands of a parent within just weeks of the request.

Recipients of Help$ grants report that the #1 use for funds is transportation.  Not only is it difficult to get to and from treatment centers, often located in urban areas where finding lodging close by is expensive, many patients must also travel long distances from their homes.   

The treatment process can leave patients emotionally drained, and physically sick. Many patients and caregivers find it necessary to take leave from their careers to focus to battling sarcoma. A financial grant through our Help$ program is intended to provide some relief from these financial burdens and help the patient focus on their health.

This program is only possible because of the generous donations made by supporters, many of which come during our annual gala: Stories From the Vineyard.  On October 22, 2016, 200 sarcoma champions raised their paddles to support our outreach and financial assistance programs, offering more than $50,000 to keep the program going into 2017.  Thank you to our amazing supporters!

If you are inspired to make a gift to support this important program, you may designate a generous online donation here.

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Help$ Grant Recipient Quotes

“Help$ Fund made it possible for me to get [transportation] to a new clinical trial for a rare sarcoma that has not been treated locally.” - Laurie

“It was an immediate, unexpected relief and source of joy to experience this kindness and support from total strangers.” - Tony

“The Help$ has eased our burden. We are able to focus on caring for our sick child rather than worrying about how we are going to cover all of our expenses.” - Herman

“I am a single mother trying to work full time, help my 8-year-old daughter during her 12 month chemo plan for ewings sarcoma, and care for my 5-year-old daughter. We have a very long road ahead of us and the financial strain of the medical bills, leave of absence from work for lack of vacation time, along with the emotional strain of fighting cancer is a huge burden. Every bit makes a difference. Thank you for the Help$.” - Shawna

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