2016 Annual Newsletter

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Dear Valued Supporter,

What an incredible year for the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation! We are helping more people with sarcoma than ever before, expanding our reach from financial assistance, and working to grow outreach programs. We believe that NO ONE should face sarcoma alone, and with record attendance at our two key Dragonslayer Walks for Sarcoma in Portland and Seattle it’s clear that we have a strong and supportive community.

We assembled a new team this year, starting with the foundation’s first full-time Executive Director, Jason Sears, who started in January. Katie Horner joined in July as our Washington State Director, and Megan Gundle started in September as our Oregon State Director. Katie and Megan are half-time staff focused on events and relationships within their states. Jason splits his time between administrative tasks and foundation growth and leadership throughout the Pacific Northwest.

This team is just getting started! We’re guided by a deep passion for our cause: we’re building a Northwest sarcoma community! Join us in 2017 for some exciting new events, including our first ever Sarcoma Patient Education Conferences and an expanded Dragonslayer Walk for Sarcoma.

All of this great work is possible because of the generosity of great folks like you. Thank you for your trust, your support, and your commitment to ending sarcoma as we know it.

All the best,

Staff & Board Members, Northwest Sarcoma Foundation


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Meet the team!

We've got a whole new team this year.  Meet our Executive Director, Jason Sears... our Washington State Director, Katie Horner... our Oregon State Director, Megan Gundle, and our 2016 Board Of Directors, including brand new board member, Bob Ortblad.

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Help$ Financial Assistance Program Update

 In 2016 the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation assisted over 160 families with over $75,000 in financial assistance grants. [Read More]

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"Why We Help" By Chris & Michele Westerholm

After Jenna’s death, we wanted to honor her memory and express our appreciation for the support that we’d been given, and in turn pass that along to other families. [Read More]

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2016 Events

In 2016 the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation raised $275,000 through three foundation events and several third-party fundraisers, rallying more than 2,000 members of the sarcoma community. [Read More]

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Named After a Legacy

In honor of Sig Kohl, we created the Sig Kohl Legacy Award.  The award will be given annually to individuals who made a lasting, enduring difference in our fight against sarcoma. [Read More]

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BONUS: #UncoverSarcoma

 We've been busy interviewing patients, researchers, and physicians to #UncoverSarcoma in the Pacific Northwest.  Meet the movers and shakers in the Sarcoma Community through a series of Facebook Live interviews. [Read More]

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BONUS: Cancer Moonshot

Over the years people have said that there is no cure for cancer. It is impossible to cure the variety of different types and to put an end to it entirely. That is where the Cancer Moonshot comes in. [Read More]

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How to Help

There are multiple ways to get involved and help continue our mission in 2017! Please consider donating, attending our events, volunteering, or becoming a sponsor.

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Our 2016 Top Donors:

  • Patricia & Matt Read-Williams
  • John Anderson
  • Ernest & Marjolyn Conrad
  • Christopher Dantzscher
  • Lara Davis
  • Darlis Elliot
  • Larry & Patricia Nevonen
  • Kathy & Paul Opie
  • Robert Ortblad
  • Julia Read-LaBelle
  • Jeff & Karen Sweeney
  • Chris & Michele Westerholm

2016 sponsors

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