2017 Oregon Update

In 2017, the Oregon community proved that together, we are stronger than sarcoma! The year started on a high note, receiving a $10,000 grant through the Knight Community Partnership Program. We are honored to be selected, and the grant allows the Foundation to conduct a community needs assessment in order to craft a new outreach program for sarcoma patients. Through this assessment, we will fill a gap in essential support services for sarcoma patients in the Pacific Northwest.

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We also organized two events that shattered expectations, raising over $80,000 combined to help end sarcoma. In June members of the sarcoma community gathered at the annual Hope Grows Here fundraiser at the home of Foundation board member, Dr. Lara Davis. Sarcoma warriors Trent Lukens, Brittany Montes and Dr. Patty Read-Williams shared their inspiring battles and hope for increased awareness of sarcoma. In a special moment, long-time board member, volunteer, and donor, John Anderson was honored with the Sig Kohl Legacy award. We are motivated by their stories and continued efforts to help others within the community.

Teams and supporters then arrived in record numbers at the 9th Annual Portland Dragonslayer Walk to End Sarcoma. 665 Dragonslayers joined together to raise awareness, support, and funding towards sarcoma. The Portland sarcoma community helped ensure that no one fights sarcoma alone through sharing support and stories of battling cancer. Many volunteers and community members helped with the success of the event, including Melanie Gerhart. Melanie, who worked countless hours soliciting raffle items and recruiting volunteers, is helping out in memory of her hero and brother, Dragonslayer James Fuller.

Throughout the year our volunteers, families, sponsors, patients and community members prove that we are strong together in the fight against sarcoma. This is a shared fight and journey. We are making a difference and helping ensure no one faces sarcoma alone. We look forward to continued success in 2018 with a focus on expanding outreach efforts and further increase the size of our events.

Megan Gundle,
Oregon State Director
Northwest Sarcoma Foundation

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