Two ways to give FOR FREE this giving season!

Holiday spirits have risen, and industry giants Amazon and Paypal have caught the fever.  Both are offering easy ways to donate to your favorite charity.  Below are the details, as well as instructions to ensure your holiday shopping benefits Northwest families fighting sarcoma.

Amazon Smile

Normally, one-half of a percent wouldn’t sound like much at all, but when that percent is taken from the billions in dollars spent on Amazon by shoppers like you, and given to charities, the result is more than $62 million in donations since 2013.


How it works: Amazon customers must use the special website, to check out with their purchases.  When completed, 0.005%, or ½ of a percent of that transaction will be donated to the selected charity.  You can start shopping to benefit the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation just by clicking here!


It’s important to note that you must visit this special website to create the donation.  Smile will still have all your login information, shopping cart contents, and all the items you want to buy.  Think of it like the nonprofit version of Amazon.


While some question whether such tactics are healthy for genuine nonprofit investment from individuals, most nonprofits are just like us and happy to accept whatever is given.


During the month of December, Paypal is waiving its processing fee, and going one step further, ADDING 1% of its own money to any donations made to charities through this specially created website.  This is HUGE as most nonprofits pay between 3% and 5% of online donations to processors like Paypal.


How it works: Paypal is directing philanthropists like you to its charity website, where you can be guaranteed that your charity will receive 101% of whatever you donate.  To give to the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation this way, start here.


This may be the most generous holiday offer from the big corporations to nonprofits, providing a way for important year-end gifts to be made without spending extra to accommodate those easy online transactions.


Whether you’re shopping online or donating straight out, be sure to use the options being provided by our increasingly socially-conscious businesses to get the maximum benefit for your charity this year.


About Us

The Northwest Sarcoma Foundation strives to ensure no one faces sarcoma alone.  Rare cancers are tough, but with support, education, and financial assistance, we know from experience that you can slay the sarcoma dragon!  


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