2017 Sig Kohl Award Nominees

We are proud to announce the nominees for the 2017 Sig Kohl Legacy Award!  The award winner will be announced at our annual gala in Seattle, Stories From the Vineyard, and will also be broadcast live via Facebook, on Saturday, September 30, 2017.

Here are the 2017 nominees:

Dr. Patricia Read-Williams

Dr. Patty Read-Williams - board member, 8-year sarcoma survivor

Since Patty successfully recovered from her bought with sarcoma, she has dedicated countless hours and significant funds towards the fight against sarcoma. She has personally connected dozens of individuals to the cause who have contributed in significant amounts.  Dr. Read-Williams and her husband, Judge Matt Williams, have personally donated more than $75,000 to the foundation over the years. [More about Patty]


Dr. Seth Pollack

Dr. Seth Pollack - sarcoma researcher & supporter

Seth is the only immunotherapy sarcoma treatment researcher in the US.  His ground-breaking research has spun off three active clinical trials for promising treatments.  He is a leader among immunotherapy researchers around the world and is pioneering this entirely new methodology for treatment, which will likely transform cancer care entirely over the next few decades.  Seth also participates in Dragonslayer and Stories From The Vineyard every year and regularly supports the foundation through interviews, inquiries, and personal contributions.   [More about Seth]


Dr. Ernest “Chappie” Conrad

Dr. Ernest "Chappie" Conrad - sarcoma surgeon & founder of the Foundation

Dr. Chappie is well known in the sarcoma community and has drawn patients to his excellent care from around the world.  He began his sarcoma treatment career as a pioneer of chemotherapy in connection with surgery and has saved thousands of lives from sarcomas.  He started the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation which now supports more than 2,000 families fighting sarcoma every year.  His many contributions to the sarcoma community have been recognized both locally and internationally.  [More about Chappie]


Dr. Andrew Howlett

Dr. Andrew Howlett - sarcoma surgeon & supporter of the Foundation

Andrew has recently taken on much of Dr. Conrad’s caseload and is an "up and coming" leader in the sarcoma treatment field.  Based in Spokane, he sees patients from all over the US. Andrew has committed to helping the foundation grow support for sarcoma patients in the Spokane area.  [More about Andrew] [YouTube Video]

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