2017 Rare Disease Day


Did you know February 28th is National Rare Disease Day?

Chances are you had no idea. The same is true for most people when asked about sarcoma. Unfortunately many rare diseases like sarcoma are overlooked by the general public, decision and policy makers who have the ability to direct funds for research and treatment advancement. If only they knew of the devastating effect sarcoma has on lives patient’s and their families…


The National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation and the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation are teaming up to raise awareness for sarcoma cancers on National Rare Cancer Awareness Day.

This year we are asking for help from patients, caregivers, and medical professionals to share their experiences with rare cancer, and share two crucial messages:

Prevention!  Pick one of...

  1. Early detection:  is crucial to improving odds of beating any cancer
  2. Survivorship: Regular checkups after treatments are crucial to catching & treating recurrences fast.

Research!  Mention National Rare Disease Day & share your opinions or experience about sarcoma treatment research and the organizations working to support their advancement.

These messages will be combined on one web page, and shared throughout the day on social media and our email lists.  Our goals are to raise awareness about preventionand generate support for research.

CLICK HERE for full details on how to participate!

NOTE The deadline for submissions is Sunday, February 26, 2017

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 Give today and change a life!

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