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10% of Proceeds Benefit the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation 

MonteScarlatto Estate Winery has crafted and dedicated Barbera to Dawn Warren, who was not only Joel Mackay’s partner in the vineyard, but also his partner in life.

Dawn spent the last years of her life working tirelessly in pursuit of our dream of building MonteScarlatto Vineyard. Dawn passionately spent her time planting, pruning, tying and harvesting MonteScarlatto’s vines, many times working in her bikini top. Once the sun had set on our work day, Dawn’s ability to transform into a magnificent hostess turned our wine events at MonteScarlatto into lively, joyous occasions that I will forever cherish. Dawn’s fiery spirit and passion for the vineyard is what made our dream of MonteScarlatto possible.

After a hard-fought and determined fight with cancer, Dawn passed away March 17, 2012. I am proud to say that in remembrance of Dawn, 10% of all profits from our 2013 Dawn’s Bikini Barbera wine will go to Northwest Sarcoma Foundation. Thank you Dawn for your love, passion, endless support and continuing spirit.

Much like Dawn, our Barbera fruit is robust and intense, and grows vigorously in the Red Mountain AVA. As we crafted this wine in remembrance of Dawn, we worked to ensure that it represented her joyous spirit and passion for our vineyard. Thank you for your consideration in our wine and we hope it brings you at least a small taste of the joy that Dawn brought into my life.

-Joel Mackay, Owner MonteScarlatto Estate Winery 


Please visit the MonteScarlatto Website to Purchase Dawn's Bikini Barbera benefitng the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation.  



Look for MonteScarlatto wine at our upcoming events including Dragonslayer in April, and as the featured winery at Stories from the Vineyard in September. 



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