November Update from Chris Dantzscher

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Referrals WORK!
In late October I met with Jason Sears to turn over the first two contributions from our Community Partnership with the NW Sarcoma Foundation.   These two contributions were the result of a simple referral, from a couple of folks I had met earlier in the year.   One knew a neighbor that was looking to become a buyer after having been so frustrated as a renter for the last couple of years.  The second referral was a seller that had been following me on Facebook and been watching the increased attention with my efforts of the Dragon's Last Dirty Ride, back in July.
          These two simple gestures resulted in $1000 being donated to the NW Sarcoma Foundation, thus highlighting the potential of this relationship.   And this, from just a single month!  So, if you know somebody who is looking to sell OR buy in the greater Seattle area, please mention my name or forward this email onto them.  
Stories from the Vineyard:
In late October, The NW Sarcoma Foundation holds a wonderful dinner/fundraising event called Stories for the Vineyard.  It's an honor to attend and I'm grateful to have received the invite this year.
This year, the event raised nearly $130,000 in support of the cause.  One of the easiest ways to learn more about the Foundation is to simply follow them on Facebook.   Click the icon to go to their page and 'like' them to follow.   It's one of the most rewarding pages on Facebook and you'll become more educated about Sarcoma research, about the people who are affected and about what simple gestures you can do to participate in making the world a better place.
Events to mark on your calendar:
In April of  next year, I will be hosting my first ever 'Team';  We'll go for a morning walk, around a lake and park, we'll meet new people and raise some cash for the cause.  I invite you to come join me!  Bring your neighbor.  Bring your dog.  Come for a morning walk and be a part of this wonderful community.   If you think you might be interested, click the link to sign up for more information as the event approaches!  I look forward to seeing you this Spring.
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