It's time to #UncoverSarcoma in the Northwest!

It’s time to #UncoverSarcoma in the Northwest! Whether you are a current sarcoma fighter, a survivor, or honoring someone we’ve lost to the disease, we invite you to join our community. Together we support each other, and work to raise awareness and funding to END SARCOMA CANCERS AS WE KNOW THEM! Help us FIGHT BACK!


Uncovering Sarcoma in the Northwest 


Here’s how YOU can help UncoverSarcoma:

  1. Join our movement - like our facebook page and stay connected to our community building efforts.  You can also get ready to join one of our advocacy events: Dragonslayer Seattle, Dragonslayer Portland, Dragon's Last Ride Bellevue, Dragon's Last Ride Anchorage, and several patient education conferences!  Check our website for dates and more information on our 2017 schedule.

  2. Join the conversation - Folks are already sharing great ideas on our online forum! We’ve setup a moderated forum with SmartPatients, a trusted provider. Signup here.  
    SmartPatients is a for-profit company that provides moderated forums for companies conducting healthcare-related collaborations.  As a member, you will NOT be advertised to!
  3. Share your story! We want to hear from YOU - send your story to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and contribute to our community storytelling initiative.  
    We're assembling a video and article that includes elements from many stories across the sarcoma community.  We'd love to include yours!  If you're feeling brave, record yourself telling your story, and share it with us!  You will inspire others!
  4. Support the cause! Your donation will fund our programs: financial assistance for families buried under medical bills, research programs making sarcoma treatment breakthroughs, and social support so no one has to face sarcoma alone.  Donate here, and choose the program you'd like your contribution to be sent!
    Our foundation raises $250,000 every year to support our programs and run our foundation.  We can't do it without you!


Follow our Journey!

Executive Director Jason Sears has been meeting with sarcoma patients, researchers, and doctors to learn more about what's happening in the sarcoma community.  Check out these Facebook Live videos by clicking the links!  


Jason Sears and Dr. Druker

Hear from the Dr. Druker @OHSUKnight, director of the Knight Cancer Institute, the newly formed cancer research hub in Portland about their innovative approach!

Jason Sears and Dr. Loggers

Hear from Dr. Loggers @UWMedicineNews about the innovative and diverse sarcoma research she is conducting, in addition to seeing patients! 


 Jason has his head shaved on stage

Watch Northwest Sarcoma Foundation Executive Director, Jason Sears, have his head shaved after meeting his goal of raising $5,000 to support patients in treatment with gift bags!


Jason Sears and Dr. Kim

Hear from Dr. Ed Kim @UWMedicineNews about the innovative radiological treatments and the science behind it all!

Jason Sears and Dr. Pollack

Hear from the world’s only immunotherapy sarcoma researcher Dr. Seth Pollack at @HutchinsonCenter about his ground-breaking work and trials!


Jason Sears and Bretton

Hear a touching story of fighting sarcoma from Bretton, who is standing up to his disease with courage. Bretton fights sarcoma with humor, but knows exactly what's needed: time to find a cure!

Jason and Bretton

Hear from Jason Sears, Executive Director of the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation, about why we are working so hard to #UncoverSarcoma.

Dragonslayer picture that inspired the walk

New to the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation? Watch this great intro video!

Every year thousands of people affected by sarcoma cancers walk in solidarity in Dragonslayer Walks that take place in Portland and Seattle. It's a chance to gather, remember, and raise our voices!



The Northwest Sarcoma Foundation is the only regional, local sarcoma advocacy group that’s focused on building community and making a difference in the way we treat rare cancers.

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