Welcome to our new Executive Director!

The Board of Directors of the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation is proud to announce their choice for the next Executive Director, Jason Sears.

Here's a snippet from a recent press release announcing the new Executive Director of the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation:

Jason Sears, a native of the northwest and long-time leader in the nonprofit community, was selected as the new Executive Director of the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation on January 4, 2016.

Sears brings more than 15 years experience in leadership roles and community building.  A native of Boise, Idaho, Sears was recognized by the Idaho Business Review as “Accomplished Under 40” due to his successful leadership roles at the Discovery Center of Idaho, and as CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho.

“It’s a true honor to represent the sarcoma community in the Northwest.” Says Sears. “I’m excited to get to work raising awareness and strengthening our passionate community.”

Sears lives with his wife in the International District of Seattle.

Sears has a personal connection to the cause of the foundation as well. In 2008, he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and underwent extensive surgery to remove cancerous tissue that had spread to lymph nodes throughout his neck. The 10 hour surgery, radioactive treatments, and three-month recovery marked a transition for Sears.

Jason & Stephanie Sears

"I went through the same thing many go through when faced with a cancer diagonsis.  First, I was angry, then sad.  And eventually, I realized that this experience could change me for the better, or for the worse.  I chose the better."

Since his recovery, Sears met and married Stephanie Sears, pursued an advanced degree in Executive Leadership, and sought opportunities to build stronger communities.

"Cancer sucks.  You can fight it, but ultimately, it's not entirely within our ability to control."

Sears has since dedicated his life to the nonprofit world, where he sees communities rallying around problems to find solutions, and inspiring each other along the way.

"What happens in the nonprofit world is nothing short of a miracle.  You have people who face adversity, who are suffering, and they become connected to other people who can help.  And the result is magic. It makes you realize how important your relationships and your community are to your happiness."

Sears' excitement for the new role at the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation is palpable.

"I'm so excited to be working at the foundation.  I've already met a ton of people connected to the foundation; board members, staff, doctors, researchers, patients, volunteers, donors, and all of them are passionate about helping others."

"The need here is clear: sarcoma cancers are underfunded.  Sarcoma support resources are sparce.  Today, if you are diagnosed with sarcoma, you are likely to get far more questions than answers.  You're also likely to feel isolated.  We can help there.  That's our mission.  It's a community in need of growth and strengthening."

Sears, 38, suceeds Tammy Boysen Wilhoite, who dedicated more than 7 years to the growth of the foundation.


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