Dr. Seth Pollack honored with Legacy Award

 We are excited to announce the honoree for the 2017 Sig Kohl Legacy Award: Dr. Seth Pollack!

Announced at the annual Stories From The Vineyard gala, Dr. Pollack was selected from a prestigious group of four nominees for his considerable contributions to advancing treatments for sarcoma cancers.


Dr. Pollack, accepting the award at Stories From The Vineyard on September 30, 2017.  Watch the live recording of the program here.  


Dr. Pollack is no stranger to sarcoma, nor to the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation.  In just three years, he has led a small research lab at Fred Hutch to remarkable achievements, including three clinical trials and ground-breaking progress on immunotherapy treatments.

Most recently, Dr. Pollack is working to leverage the funds contributed by the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation, as well as many other supporters, to increase the number of sarcoma cancer samples stored in the institution’s tissue bank.  Access to cancerous tissue is critical for researchers, which is why so much effort is going into building this tissue and database bank.

“We will see a big increase in the number of samples being stored and accessed in the years to come,” said Pollack.  “It’s taken some time to get set up, and now we are really seeing those efforts pay off.”

We expect to see many more headlines from the sarcoma lab in the years to come with Dr. Pollack at the lead.  In addition to his work locally, he travels internationally to collaborate with and educate sarcoma researchers with an ambitious goal: to end sarcoma.

On behalf of the thousands of sarcoma fighters in the Pacific Northwest, the many advocates and care takers, and our board of directors and staff, it’s our great pleasure to honor Dr. Seth Pollack with the 2017 Sig Kohl Legacy award.  He has truly established a legacy at the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center in Seattle, a legacy of providing hope to those fighting this rare disease.

The Sig Kohl Legacy award is given annually in memory of Sigfried Kohl, who lost his battle with sarcoma in 2016.

The Northwest Sarcoma Foundation supports sarcoma patients through financial assistance grants, social support, and education.  For more information about the foundation, visit our website at www.nwsarcoma.org. 

2017 Revesz Sarcoma Lecture

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Thomas Francis DeLaney, MD

Proton Therapy for Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcomas


Andres Soriano Professor of Radiation Oncology, Harvard Medical School
Medical Director, Francis H. Burr Proton Therapy Center
Co-Director, Connective Tissue Oncology Center, Massachusetts General Hospital

You're Invited!  
Join others interested in sarcoma research and treatments as we gather to enjoy a special presentation on the latest advances in proton therapy for sarcoma cancers.

Friday, September 22, 2017
5:30 p.m. meet and greet
6:00 p.m. lecture
7:00 p.m.reception
Light hors d'oeuvres will be served

UW Medicine at South Lake Union
850 Republican St. Seattle, WA 98109 | Orin Smith Auditorium
Complimentary garage parking on Republican and 9th


RSVP Today!

Reserving your spot is as easy sending an email to Christine Chan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

The Rosalie Lorber Revesz Lecture Series brings distinguished scholars in the field of sarcoma care, research, and training to Seattle.  It honors the memory of Rosalie Lorber Revesz.

2017 Sig Kohl Award Nominees

We are proud to announce the nominees for the 2017 Sig Kohl Legacy Award!  The award winner will be announced at our annual gala in Seattle, Stories From the Vineyard, and will also be broadcast live via Facebook, on Saturday, September 30, 2017.

Here are the 2017 nominees:

Dr. Patricia Read-Williams

Dr. Patty Read-Williams - board member, 8-year sarcoma survivor

Since Patty successfully recovered from her bought with sarcoma, she has dedicated countless hours and significant funds towards the fight against sarcoma. She has personally connected dozens of individuals to the cause who have contributed in significant amounts.  Dr. Read-Williams and her husband, Judge Matt Williams, have personally donated more than $75,000 to the foundation over the years. [More about Patty]


Dr. Seth Pollack

Dr. Seth Pollack - sarcoma researcher & supporter

Seth is the only immunotherapy sarcoma treatment researcher in the US.  His ground-breaking research has spun off three active clinical trials for promising treatments.  He is a leader among immunotherapy researchers around the world and is pioneering this entirely new methodology for treatment, which will likely transform cancer care entirely over the next few decades.  Seth also participates in Dragonslayer and Stories From The Vineyard every year and regularly supports the foundation through interviews, inquiries, and personal contributions.   [More about Seth]


Dr. Ernest “Chappie” Conrad

Dr. Ernest "Chappie" Conrad - sarcoma surgeon & founder of the Foundation

Dr. Chappie is well known in the sarcoma community and has drawn patients to his excellent care from around the world.  He began his sarcoma treatment career as a pioneer of chemotherapy in connection with surgery and has saved thousands of lives from sarcomas.  He started the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation which now supports more than 2,000 families fighting sarcoma every year.  His many contributions to the sarcoma community have been recognized both locally and internationally.  [More about Chappie]


Dr. Andrew Howlett

Dr. Andrew Howlett - sarcoma surgeon & supporter of the Foundation

Andrew has recently taken on much of Dr. Conrad’s caseload and is an "up and coming" leader in the sarcoma treatment field.  Based in Spokane, he sees patients from all over the US. Andrew has committed to helping the foundation grow support for sarcoma patients in the Spokane area.  [More about Andrew] [YouTube Video]

SideEQ - track and manage side effects

We are proud to partner with the Life Raft Group with their new resources, SideEQ!

SideEQ is a free, interactive platform which enables people living with cancer to track and manage their side effects so they can improve their quality of life and thrive despite cancer treatment.

Until cures are found, drug therapies are a lifeline to someone with cancer. Yet, drug treatment can often cause a host of side effects which can greatly impact quality of life and affect the patient’s compliance with their drug regimen. In fact, the Life Raft Group’s GIST Patient Registry has recorded over 800 reports of drug therapy interruption because side effects became too burdensome.

Infrequent, brief clinician visits and reluctance to speak to them openly about side effects make it difficult to address the problem, affecting the patient’s quality of life and ability to maintain a drug regimen. Additionally, patients have vast real-world experience with what works and what does not in side effect management but commonly only exchange information in “closed systems” like chat forums or groups.

In the age of daily cancer treatment regimens, patient participation in quality of life is more important than ever to wellness. SideEQ allows patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals to bring effective side effect management knowledge into the open. People living with cancer gain valuable insights into symptoms and cancer management, which they can then share with their physicians and other patients. By finding ways to mitigate the negative side effects intrinsic to many medications, patients can optimize their overall health while improving treatment outcomes.

Patients & Caregivers: Patients can input, track and share their side effects through a personalized dashboard as well as learn helpful tips and best practices from top healthcare professionals and other patients struggling with the same issues. 

Healthcare Professionals: Medical experts from a wide variety of fields have the opportunity to share best practices, as well as learn valuable tips to apply to their own practice.

Established in 2000, The Life Raft Group (LRG) is a non-profit organization which offers a suite of patient powered, scientific platforms that provide real-world insights and smart, actionable data to optimize cancer treatment and enhance the quality of life for patients.


Let's Get Engaged!

Community Development
Volunteers to help with everything from assembling gift bags to supporting a patient through conversation. Also, if you're good at social media, writing, graphic design, or video editing, we have projects we could use some help with! Many of our volunteers are also patients, survivors, or caregivers, so our monthly Community Meetings are also a great place to find support and make connections.

Event & Program Planning
We're recruiting members for two committees that have standing monthly meetings. The Engagement Committee oversee the fundraising events the foundation organizes ever year, including Stories From The Vineyard in Seattle, Hope Grows Here in Portland, and Dragonslayer in both cities and more to come. The Patient Support Committee oversees the financial assistance programs, volunteer program, Family nights, and the Oregon State Sarcoma Outreach Grant.

Board Membership
We are committed to growing support resources for sarcoma patients in the Northwest, and we're recruiting board members to help us get there. We're especially on the hunt for folks with legal, financial, or fundraising experience, but anyone with a passion for supporting our sarcoma community with management or leadership experience is invited to apply.

Interested? Here's three ways to take the next step:
1 ) Attend the May sarcoma community meeting in Seattle. Tuesday, May 30 at Blazing Bagels in Seattle: 1911 1st Avenue South.

2 ) Apply online for a committee or board position. 

3 ) Engage with us on Facebook! Like our posts and share comments to keep us in your news feed. We'll continue to post call-outs for volunteers for specific projects, and keep everyone updated on who's joining.

2017 Rare Disease Day


Did you know February 28th is National Rare Disease Day?

Chances are you had no idea. The same is true for most people when asked about sarcoma. Unfortunately many rare diseases like sarcoma are overlooked by the general public, decision and policy makers who have the ability to direct funds for research and treatment advancement. If only they knew of the devastating effect sarcoma has on lives patient’s and their families…


Read more: 2017 Rare Disease Day

The Northwest Sarcoma Foundation Receives Funding for Sarcoma Outreach Program

The Northwest Sarcoma Foundation (“NWSF”) was among 10 organizations to receive grants from the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Community Partnership Program (“Community Partnership Program”) this funding cycle.  This is an exciting opportunity and fuels our mission to provide support for Sarcoma patients. Outreach programs, for Sarcoma patients, are as rare as the cancers themselves.  The grant award will fund preliminary research for creating an outreach program tailored to the specific needs of Sarcoma patients. The grant work includes; a broad-based survey, literature review and focus group.  The goal is to learn how we, as a community, can support families fighting rare cancers.  The hope is to provide an outreach program that will help reduce stress, provide support and improve treatment outcomes.  

The project is funded through the Community Partnership Program. This program is designed to build sustainable collaborations with Oregon communities by providing grants and other resources to foster development of community-identified cancer prevention, early detection,treatment and survivorship projects. The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute has made a decade-long commitment to invest in this program to develop robust, sustainable programs that benefit the health of all Oregonians. Additional information about the program is available on the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute’s website.

Director's Circle

The work of our foundation goes far beyond writing checks to patients and research institutions. As we reposition our foundation as a full support and advocacy agency, it’s crucial that we work together.
That’s why we formed the Director’s Circle. It’s a group of people who support our foundation’s work beyond our core programs.

Members of the Director’s Circle will receive special weekly and monthly updates on our activities. They will also get privileged access to our finances, including our performance to budget. Lastly, the Director’s Circle will be consulted quarterly to maintain a strong connection with the sarcoma community.

Director’s Circle Benefits:

  • Special insights into foundation activities and finances
  • Consultation with foundation leadership on programs and growth strategy
  • Involvement in the growth of the ONLY regional foundation dedicated to the sarcoma-fighting community

The Director’s Circle is an invite-only group. If you would like to be considered for membership, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

November Update from Chris Dantzscher

 Click here for more information on this partnership
Referrals WORK!
In late October I met with Jason Sears to turn over the first two contributions from our Community Partnership with the NW Sarcoma Foundation.   These two contributions were the result of a simple referral, from a couple of folks I had met earlier in the year.   One knew a neighbor that was looking to become a buyer after having been so frustrated as a renter for the last couple of years.  The second referral was a seller that had been following me on Facebook and been watching the increased attention with my efforts of the Dragon's Last Dirty Ride, back in July.
          These two simple gestures resulted in $1000 being donated to the NW Sarcoma Foundation, thus highlighting the potential of this relationship.   And this, from just a single month!  So, if you know somebody who is looking to sell OR buy in the greater Seattle area, please mention my name or forward this email onto them.  
Stories from the Vineyard:
In late October, The NW Sarcoma Foundation holds a wonderful dinner/fundraising event called Stories for the Vineyard.  It's an honor to attend and I'm grateful to have received the invite this year.
This year, the event raised nearly $130,000 in support of the cause.  One of the easiest ways to learn more about the Foundation is to simply follow them on Facebook.   Click the icon to go to their page and 'like' them to follow.   It's one of the most rewarding pages on Facebook and you'll become more educated about Sarcoma research, about the people who are affected and about what simple gestures you can do to participate in making the world a better place.
Events to mark on your calendar:
In April of  next year, I will be hosting my first ever 'Team';  We'll go for a morning walk, around a lake and park, we'll meet new people and raise some cash for the cause.  I invite you to come join me!  Bring your neighbor.  Bring your dog.  Come for a morning walk and be a part of this wonderful community.   If you think you might be interested, click the link to sign up for more information as the event approaches!  I look forward to seeing you this Spring.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 425-890-7460

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