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Some general onocological terms related to radiology reports, chemotherapy treatments, surgical procedures, etc.


deficiency, e.g., neutropenia means a deficiency of a type of white blood cell called a neutrophil.

Iliac crest

the hip bone in which a large quantity of bone marrow is concentrated.

Subclavian catheter

see central venous catheter.


surgical removal.


of the blood; usually refers to a blood disorder, e.g., leukemia or anemia Emesis vomit.








autologous bone marrow transplant.


Having severe symptoms and a short course.

Adjuvant therapy

additional drug or other treatment designed to enhance the effectiveness of the primary treatment.

Alkaline phosphatase

an enzyme produced by the liver or bone. An elevated level of alkaline phosphatase in the blood may indicate a liver or bone problem.


loss of hair.


acute allergic reaction shortness of breath, rash, wheezing, hypotension.


too few red blood cells in the bloodstream, resulting in insufficient oxygen to tissues and organs.
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