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Many groups, organizations whether corporate or private are established to help cancer patients and their families face many of the difficult and often overlooked aspects of cancer treatment and survival. It often is particularly difficult to cope with cancer treatment while trying to maintain the ordinary responsibilities of life. For instance traveling to and from cancer facilities for check-ups and treatments, are costly. Finding short or long term hotel rooms or housing arrangements for treatments is also costly. In many instances flying to and from a facility can be obtained at no cost through charitable organizations.

Talking and sharing with others who are in your same situation is often one of the most useful tool for coping and survival. Death and bereavement are not typically addressed by medical facilities for support, and help can be found through others who understand what it is to lose a child, spouse, brother, sister, mother or father. Most often in sarcoma sharing it is incredibly difficult to find others with whom you can seek advice and support. Email list groups provide a venue for you to reach out for help from all over the world. Of course a counselor experienced in cancer treatment and associated issues might be better for you as an individual. Many find it easier to talk with those who are going through similar experiences.

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