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The Northwest Sarcoma Foundation strives to provide multiple programs that offer support to sarcoma patients, their families, and caregivers throughout their treatment process.


Financial Grant Programs

 The Northwest Sarcoma Foundation provides financial assistance grants to hundreds of families affected by sarcoma each year. Please follow these links to learn more about the financial assistance programs offered through the foundation.


Patient Education Series

Our Patient Education Series consists of educational video interviews that focus on specific areas of interest within the sarcoma community. Video interviews are streamed live on Facebook and then made available on our website via the links below. 


Do you have a topic that you would like featured on our Patient Education Series? Contact us. 

Session One: Clinical Trial Basics Sarcoma Clinical Trials

Sarcoma Connections

Our Sarcoma Connections program was created to help patients and those affected by sarcoma connect with other people in the sarcoma community. We strive to provide opportunities for people to network and make meaningful lasting connections. Talking and sharing with others who are in a similar situation is often one of the most useful tools for coping and survival. Below you will find links to patient stories, and information on upcoming networking opportunities & events. 

Please consider sharing your story, and becoming involved in our Sarcoma Connections program. Contact us. 

Sarcoma Connections: The Holiday's and Cancer 

The Holidays and Cancer


It’s time to #UncoverSarcoma in the Northwest! Whether you are a current sarcoma fighter, a survivor, or honoring someone we’ve lost to the disease, we invite you to join our community. Together we support each other, and work to raise awareness and funding to END SARCOMA CANCERS AS WE KNOW THEM! Help us FIGHT BACK!

Executive Director Jason Sears has been meeting with sarcoma patients, researchers, and doctors to learn more about what's happening in the sarcoma community.  Check out these Facebook Live videos by CLICK HERE!  

Coming Soon! Sarcoma Patient Gift Bags

External Links

Many groups, organizations whether corporate or private are established to help cancer patients and their families face many of the difficult and often overlooked aspects of cancer treatment and survival. It often is particularly difficult to cope with cancer treatment while trying to maintain the ordinary responsibilities of life. For instance traveling to and from cancer facilities for check-ups and treatments, are costly. Finding short or long term hotel rooms or housing arrangements for treatments is also costly. In many instances flying to and from a facility can be obtained at no cost through charitable organizations.

Note: We work hard to ensure that the following links are accurate but it can be difficult as other organizations make changes to their websites and pages we may be linked to. If you find an out-of-date link please let us know so we can update it. Thank you for your help in keeping this valuable resource current.

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Help us END SARCOMA and ensure 

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