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Coldwell Banker and Realty Trust Group 

Partners for supporting sarcoma patients & research!

Northwest Sarcoma Foundation is pleased and honored to partner with two great agents from Coldwell Banker in Washington and Realty Trust Group in Oregon.  These agents will donate a portion of their own commission to the foundation! The average home sale in Portland would result in a donation of more than $1,000 to support sarcoma patients and research. The average home sale in Seattle or Portland would result in a donation of about $1,000 to support sarcoma patients and research!  Wow!


Peter O'Neil - 503-863-7877

A proud sponsor of the Dragonslayer Walk for three years running, Peter O’Neil and his wife Peggy came to Portland from Boulder, Colorado ten years ago, and now live in the Irvington neighborhood.  He’s a Realtor with Realty Trust Group where he has grown a successful real estate business working with both buyers and sellers all over the Portland Metro Area.  He’s built a reputation for being a knowledgeable and thorough guide through the buying and selling process and for always putting his clients’ needs first.


O’Neil has lived in some great places over the years including Miami, San Francisco, and Boulder, and he’s loved each one, but he says Portland has that something extra, something special.  Whether it’s the just plain friendliness of the people, the cool and varied neighborhoods, the active lifestyles, or some perfect combination of all, Portland just feels right to him.  “It immediately felt like home,” he says.  “I love it here!”


His love of Portland and his desire to help keep it a wonderful, livable city earned him the 2014 Realtor Good Neighbor of the Year Award and the 2015 EcoBroker Community Service award, recognitions he’s especially proud of.  “If you believe in something, you need to support it,” he says.  He does that through his work on the Board of Directors of the Irvington Community Association as part of Portland’s Neighborhood System; and as a founding member of the NE Broadway/Weidler Alliance, which is a coalition of neighborhoods, business organizations and community activists working to improve the business atmosphere, walkability, bikeablitiy and usability of one of NE Portland’s primary commercial districts.  He and his wife are Neighborhood Coordinators for the Portland Food Project, which collects food for needy Portlanders; he’s a Master Volunteer at the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI); and, of course, he’s a proud sponsor of the NW Sarcoma Foundation’s Dragonslayer Walk.


It was actually real estate that led O’Neil to the Sarcoma Foundation and its Dragonslayer Walk.  One of his favorite buyers is an OHSU doctor with a special focus on Sarcoma.  His strong respect for her and the work she does made it more than easy to say yes when she suggested he become a Dragonslayer sponsor.  “I’ve sponsored Dragonslayer for three years now, and I have been blown away by the courage, the strength and the determination of all the people involved.  The patients, families, medical personnel, staff and volunteers are all extraordinary people committed to this cause,” O’Neil says.  He is particularly moved by the support NWSF provides the patients and their families.  “You go out to the Dragonslayer Walk and you see all these happy, giving people and you hurt for their losses and you celebrate their victories.  And you just wish you could do more.”


One way O’Neil found to increase his support of the Foundation is through a 501(c)3 Charitable Giving Program between NWSF and O’Neil.  “It’s a very simple and potentially quite rewarding program for the Foundation,” he says.  For every home bought or sold as a referral to O’Neil through NWSF a significant portion of his commission will go straight to the NW Sarcoma Foundation.  “Anyone can take advantage of this program to benefit the Foundation – friends, family, NWSF members and supporters.  Clients just contact NWSF to say they want to participate in the program.  It costs the client nothing, it costs the Foundation nothing, it just gives more help to the great work NWSF does.  It should be very rewarding for everyone involved.”

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Chris Dantzscher - 425-890-7460

Chris is a supporter of the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation personally, and through Dragon's Last Ride: a motorcycle ride fundraiser.  In addition to years of real estate experience, Chris is also a former high school teacher.  He's pictured with his dog Mack who has since died.  Today, Chris travels around with Reese, a very cute Golden Retriever.


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