Team Troublemakers paddles sarcoma

Has cancer made you feel powerless?
Do you wish you could do more to help cancer patients?
Then this is your chance! Please consider helping a great cause that will help 2 children with cancer.

Trevor & Kyle Share answer the burning question: Why are you doing this?

Team Troublemakers has partnered with the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation to raise AT LEAST $2,000.

This money will go to benefitting two children suffering from Sarcoma – a rare type of cancer.

How does this work?

Tommy & Trevor, the Troublemakers Tommy, swinging his paddle Trevor, ready to race!

Team Troublemakers, made up of Tommy, Trevor and their outstanding ground crew, will be racing 340-miles in a canoe down the Missouri River to raise money in aid of cancer patients.The race, called the MR 340, starts in Kansas City and goes all the way to St. Charles. We are asking that donors commit to paying a certain amount per mile. For example, $0.15 x 340 miles = $51.  We will happily accept any level of donation, so if you can only donate $0.01 per mile, then great! But to up the ante, we have incentive structures that includes a sticker, t-shirt, poster, and/or mentioned in the video we will be putting together after the race.

Inspired by a Great Human

The inspiration for this fundraiser comes from a sarcoma patient and close friend of Trevor, named Siegfried “Sig” Kohl.

Sig Kohl, finishing the Lavaman in 2015 Trevor & Sig, while he was in treatment Sig inspired so many

Sig passed away last year after a brutal battle with Sarcoma, but his tenacity and courage transcended his time with us. A legendary man in more ways than one, Sig even raced in an Ironman triathlon and rarely missed a touch rugby session all while going through his chemotherapy treatments and suffering from neuropathy.

Sig maintained his sense of humor and his fight until the very end. He was a firm believer in what the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation stood for and for what it provided sarcoma patients. Following his death, he donated $30,000 for this charity to continue its fight. Lets honor him and those battling for their lives!

More about Sig: remembering-sig- kohl newsletter/sig-kohl- legacy-award

Awesome Incentives!

Print exampleHey, you deserve something for your generosity, that's why we made these great incentives:

  • Video - everyone who donates will be emailed a link to a video that will be produced from footage recorded during the race.
  • Sticker - donate at least $34 and recieve a Troublemakers sticker
  • T-Shirt - donate at least $51 and we'll send you an official Troublemakers t-shirt!
  • Print - donate $119 or more and we'll send you a beautiful print to memorialize the event

SHIPPING: we'll send this all to your door by the end of the August.  The race starts August 8th!

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