TEAM Swedish: Sarcoma Smashers


About the Team: TEAM Swedish: Sarcoma Smashers

The sarcoma team at Swedish Cancer Institute has worked closely with the foundation to help spread the word about our programs and offer financial assistance grants to as many patients possible. Thank you for your ongoing support! GO TEAM SWEDISH

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Team Captain: Swedish Cancer Institute

Team Roster

  • Patrick Williams
  • Pierre Walton
  • Cathy Davis
  • Alla Goziker
  • Gahl Goziker
  • Suman Lata
  • Ravi Karan
  • Reshab Karan
  • Lanee Egolf
  • Mike Egolf
  • Aurora Brown
  • Bill Brown
  • Min Park
  • Eric Blom
  • Angie Bell
  • Annette Walton
  • Sue Shaw
  • Keshia Walton
  • Terrel Jones
  • Ashley Doherty
  • Christopher Cannon
  • Rebekah Medeiros
  • Ethan Medeiros
  • Katie Medeiros
  • jacob steffenson
  • Crista Schneider

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Contributor: Min S. Park, MD

I am proud and honored to work with so many brave patients who fight their sarcomas. Here's to recognizing their fearless spirit, and for a better future with better treatments, and better chances for cure.


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