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About the Team: Carter's Cancer Crusaders

I have been fighting, or recovering from, a sacral based chordoma since 2012, with my second diagnosis occurring in 2016. Presently I am receiving treatment at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance where I learned of the Dragon Slayer Northwest Sarcoma walk. I am very excited that although I'm not able to walk at this time my family is very encouraging and is ready to take on this task together, as a strong and determined bunch!

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Team Captain: Nicole Carter

I, Nicole Carter, am 26 years old and am a strong, stubborn, one in a million, sacral chordoma butt kicking warrior. When I was 20 years old I was diagnosed with my first chordoma and 21 when I started and completed my major treatment plan 3000 miles away from home in Boston, MA to rid my body of the pain in the ass sacral chordoma I had developed. I started with having proton radiation before my team of doctors removed 90% of my tailbone. Unfortunately I had a borderline septic infection which delayed the additional proton therapy I should have had shortly after my sacral resection; I was able to have this radiation therapy after another surgery to clean out the infection. After all that mess was complete I was allowed to come home right before Thanksgiving, just in time for the holidays! Needless to say, 2012 was a pain in the ass of a year.

I had a rough transition into normalcy over the next three years but even though I went through all that bad a lot of good came out of the ashes. Unfortunately after all that time and healing, I was diagnosed with a recurrent mutated form of chordoma in my left sacroiliac joint, not far from where I had previously had the tumor in March of 2016, 2 months before my 26th birthday. I am presently still fighting against this horrible tumor and sadly it has started growing again after a few months of stability but we aren't done fighting yet! Remember what I said in the beginning and don't you forget it, I'm a strong, stubborn, one in a million, sacral chordoma butt kicking warrior.

Team Roster

  • Nicole Carter
  • Kristine Carter Naff
  • Tom Naff
  • Colin Roraback
  • Karin Kersteter
  • Natalie Scott
  • Richard Scott

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