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Son was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma March 31, 2017. He received excellent medical services from UW Medical Center and Seattle Children's Hospital. He is now involved in a research study program for the next 6 months. The care he has received to date has literally saved his life. We are grateful and want to give back to help continue the work to find cures for sarcoma cancer.

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Team Captain: Victoria Mayers

I am Victoria, Jonathan's mother and caretaker. We are wanting to support this event as we have had amazing medical care from the oncology team at Seattle Children's Hospital. Also, we know that children's cancer only receive 4% of all funding provided for all cancer research. Yet from what I have learned sarcoma is some of the most aggressive cancers in humans. By creating a team I hope to bring awareness about sarcoma to my community, assist in raising money to continue finding cures, and provide a venue to support my son who is still receiving medicine.

Team Roster

  • Victoria Mayers
  • Jonathan Mayers
  • Gaby Mayers
  • Joshua Mayers
  • Jaymie Mayers
  • Stephanie Harper
  • Alex Fletcher
  • Linda Read
  • Rick Romito
  • Charlene Kintzele
  • Janie Overman
  • David Thompson
  • Renee Thompson

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