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About the Team: Team Jake

Let's find a CURE and help the NW Sarcoma Foundation get even stronger! Our son Jake was diagnosed on 12/29/14 with Osteosarcoma in his left femur. He has been battling ever since - fighting and thriving like a true warrior! Please join Team Jake and help us fight this terrible disease!

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Team Captain: Chris Eastwood

Chris Eastwood is the father of Jake

Team Roster

  • Chris Eastwood
  • Kaylee Eastwood
  • Jake Eastwood
  • Taylor Eastwood
  • Addison Eastwood
  • Mindy Humphrey
  • Pete Humphrey
  • Peter Humphrey
  • Jake Humphrey
  • Luke Humphrey
  • Hannah Humphrey
  • Pete Sysum
  • Nicholas Sysum
  • Kim Cortright
  • Cash Cortright
  • Clay Cortright
  • Yvette Charbeneau
  • Paul Charbeneau
  • Brenden Charbeneau
  • Camryn Charbeneau
  • John Canfield
  • Kris Canfield
  • Evan Canfield
  • Erin Cuda
  • Nathan Cuda
  • Cynthia Pellett
  • Clem Pellett
  • Jay Nettleton
  • Barbara Nettleton

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Contributor: David & Sara Kelso

We have never seen anyone more persistent and uplifting than Jake Eastwood. He's a real class act and a testimony to all of us that, despite real adversity, he's a perfect example that the human spirit lives on with great gusto!


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