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About the Team: TEAM FRED HUTCH: Research Warriors

The members of Team Fred Hutch are on the frontlines of the battle against the sarcoma dragon. These amazing men and women work tirelessly each day to develop and improve treatment options for people diagnosed with sarcoma.

As a foundation, we stand with these Research Warriors! In 2016 the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation invested $25,000 to support the tumor bank and database being utilized by the talented team led by Dr. Seth Pollack. We are proud to have the people at Fred Hutch as supporters of our foundation. Thank you Team Fred Hutch!

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Team Captain: Fred Hutch

Team Roster

  • Erika Lee
  • Olga Vitruk
  • Seth Pollack
  • Jessica Choe
  • Micah Pollack
  • Mina Pollack

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