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About the Team: TEAM SCCA : Sarcoma Slayers

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is home to The Sarcoma Clinic founded over 20 years ago by Northwest Sarcoma Foundation founder Dr. Ernest "Chappie" Conrad. The Sarcoma Clinic led by director Dr. Lee Cranmer is the premiere center for caring for adult sarcoma patients in the Pacific Northwest.

The sarcoma team at SCCA help the foundation connect directly with patients. Their ongoing support and involvement with the foundation has helped us grow and expand our programs greatly increasing the amount of people we have been able to support as they battle the sarcoma dragon. Thank you TEAM SCCA!

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Team Captain: SCCA

Team Roster

  • Charles (Chuck) HARVEY
  • Susan Harvey
  • Christina Mycoff
  • Alan Mycoff
  • Elizabeth Loggers
  • Dale Hunt
  • Jennifer Grant
  • David Grant
  • Benjamin Grant
  • Michelle Dooley
  • Kathryn Hammer
  • Mike Zimmer
  • Connie Deaton-Zimmer
  • Sarah Kimbrough
  • Kylee Johnson
  • Jennifer Stephenson
  • Samantha Benson
  • Danielle Oliver
  • Katie Swartz
  • Matt Thompson
  • Ashley Thompson
  • Jane Thompson
  • Nora Thompson
  • Sydne Gomez
  • Gabriel Gomez
  • Adrienne Coleman
  • Max Cobb
  • Garry Black
  • Jeanette Black
  • Laura Wells
  • Atticus Turner
  • Martin Aguilar
  • Amanda Aguilar
  • Deb Greene

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