About the Team: TEAM KARLA

MY STORY: Why I am a Dragonslayer

Although this is my first year organizing the Dragonsalyer walk as an employee of the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation, I have been a Dragonslayer for many years. Since 2007 my family and I have organized Team Karla in memory of my mother Karla Hill. She is the reason I am a Dragonslayer. Karla Hill 3/17/1965 - 9/28/2007 As an only child I grew up very close to my mother. She was my best friend, and my biggest supporter. We did everything together and had a great time doing it! Mom had an incredible energy that turned even the most mundane activities into an exciting adventure. She was active and a health nut; definitely the last person we would expect to have cancer. Entering early adulthood without a mother was a tough road, especially when you have watched your mother be taken by a disease like sarcoma. This is the reason I continue to fight the sarcoma dragon today. I hope my efforts can someday ensure no one has to lose a loved one to sarcoma. Team Karla has kept mom’s memory alive since her passing September 28, 2007. Her friends and family join us every year to remind us of the good times, her incredible energy, and the impact she continues to have on so many people’s lives

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Team Captain: Katie Horner

Team Roster

  • Katie Horner
  • Scott Hermanns
  • Carter Harrington
  • Sean Hermanns
  • Aiden Hermanns
  • Damon Donner
  • Therese Gesch
  • Don Gesch
  • Kathy Gibbons
  • Robert Gibbons
  • Kelsey Hunt
  • Vanessa Williams
  • Lilah Wettig
  • Westley Wettig
  • Jonathan Donner
  • Jillian Donner
  • Celia Jones

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