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About the Team: Team Jay

Team Jay is inspired by our son/brother/uncle, Jason, who lost his battle in November 2015 against Clear Cell Sarcoma. When we walked last year, it was such an amazing experience that we decided to continue walking each year for Jay. We saw first hand how aggressive Sarcoma truly is and how it can affect a family. Many people who knew Jay remember him as being witty, strong, courageous and someone who could make you laugh in any given situation. We will walk in unity to honor Jay, his life and remember our favorite memories of him. All while being surrounded with family, friends, love and hope that one day there will be a cure for Sarcoma. We also want to dedicate our walk to the ones still fighting against this dragon. So join our team to tribute Jay, his fight against Sarcoma and help raise awareness! Lets slay this dragon together!

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Team Captain: Sarah Frye

Team Roster

  • Sarah Frye
  • Melissa Frye
  • Bret Frye
  • Robby Ryan
  • Lewis Gaiani
  • Tara Hight
  • Katelyn Hight
  • Allison Hight
  • Heather Frye
  • Travis George
  • Melissa Peabody
  • Denisley Bassoli
  • Suzi Bassoli
  • Tara Crosby
  • Daniel Crosby
  • Trey Crosby
  • Naomi Crosby
  • Ruby Amegah
  • Marjorie Kilborn
  • Lenard Whisler
  • Rick Frye
  • Lauire Frye
  • Jill Anderson
  • David Anderson
  • Hannah Su
  • Gina Roundtree
  • Jennifer Connell
  • Robby Divine
  • Bill Walton
  • Janice Macomber
  • Allan Macomber
  • John Dalich
  • Mary Ann James
  • Linda Mollan
  • Nicole Fagerlie
  • Jane Mills
  • Michael Frye
  • Tanna Taylor
  • Baker Fagerlie
  • Karma Fagerlie
  • Brooke Newhardt
  • Jo Ann Paules
  • Susan Dovre
  • Robert Chinneth

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