About the Team: Team OHSU

Team Captain: Lara Davis

The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute strives to be an exceptional sarcoma clinic with a team of extraordinary staff. Participating in the Dragonslayer Walk is a fun way to give back and show our support for all sarcoma patients and their caregivers in our state. Go Team OHSU!

Team Roster

  • Anita Davis
  • George Davis
  • Allean Johnson
  • Joan Davis
  • Gary & Karen Takahashi
  • Marta Burwell
  • Kervin Hernandez
  • Kenneth Gundle
  • Lara Davis
  • Owen Stewart
  • yee doung
  • Katherine Bagwell
  • KrisAnn Talarico
  • Brook Farrell
  • Virgil Hale
  • Isabel Hale
  • Elijah Hale
  • Melissa Mason
  • Dave Mason
  • Ruby Mason
  • Alison Palumbo
  • Sean Hengchua
  • Kathy Modie
  • Jonathan Modie
  • Ruth Modie
  • Grace Guthrie
  • Deja Antonio
  • Marilyn Shawe
  • Michael Ritchie
  • Jessica Fitz
  • Kristine Almquist
  • Eric Deitrick
  • Emmett Deitrick
  • Betsy Barbieri
  • Enzo Hult
  • Marco Hult
  • Leo Hult
  • Sarah Jean Baptiste
  • Jayson Jean Baptiste
  • Isaac Nicholson
  • Chris Talarico
  • Alexis Hult

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Contributor: Julie Graff

I'd like to thank Dr. Davis for leading this team and being an all-round inspirational doctor. Let's raise some money to find the cure!!!


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