Hope Grows Here Portland 2017 Recap

2017 Hope Grows Here Portland Event Summary

Attendees: 56 (Goal = 50)
Total Raised: $23,575 (Goal = $10,000

On June 17, 2017 members of the Portland sarcoma community gathered to raise funds at the Hope Grows Here Event.  Together, we raised $23,575.  Every dollar raised produces a ripple effect in the sarcoma community. Because of these funds, the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation can issue financial assistance grants, fund outreach programs and invest in research.  It was one of most successful fundraisers to-date in the Portland area! 


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Fifty-six supporters came out for an incredible evening that included patient speakers (Trent Lukens, Brittany Montes and Patty Read- Williams), appetizers (Kathy Zak Catering), wine (Oak Knoll Winery and MonteScarlatto Winery) and beer (Bridgeport Brewery).

Sarcoma warriors Trent Lukens, Brittany Montes and Patty Read-Williams shared their inspiring battles and hope for increased awareness of sarcoma.   Supporters also awarded the Sig Kohl Legacy award to Board Member, John Anderson.   We were motivated by their stories and continued efforts to help others within the community.  

Thank you to everyone who  joined and supported the event!   This success comes on the heels of the Knight Cancer Institute Community Partnership grant award, new sponsorships from Portland organizations, and activity from the Portland real estate referral program.  We look forward to continuing the success at the Portland Dragonslayer on 9/9/2017.  

To view our facebook live from the event please click here.

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