Northwest Sarcoma Foundation was founded in 1996 by Ernest U. Conrad, III, M.D.; Director of the Sarcoma Service, Vice-Chair of the Department of Orthopaedics and full professor at the University of Washington Medical Center. The Sarcoma Service was the first multi-disciplinary service established at the University of Washington (1986). The Sarcoma Service holds clinics for patients with sarcoma through Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Northwest Sarcoma Foundation has grown to have representation in both Washington (Seattle Cancer Care Alliance) and Oregon (Knight Cancer Institute - Oregon Health & Science University) and beyond.

Northwest Sarcoma Foundation serves pediatric and adult patients and families who live in, or are being treated in, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana and Idaho, otherwise known as the WAMI ("whami") region of the Pacific Northwest.

Northwest Sarcoma Foundation was established to be a place of support and education for those who are living with a sarcoma or other rare bone tumor disease. In addition, this site is intended to offer support to friends, family and care givers. Because the information on this site is provided for educational purposes only,  nothing found here is intended to replace medical advice. A physician should always be consulted about medical and health-related issues.

Each section pertaining to sarcoma and its treatment is designed to provide a basic or general overview  and provide links to more comprehensive resources. These other sites have demonstrated helpful information for patients and family members, and have been evaluated by a member of our staff.

Any reference to other resources made by Northwest Sarcoma Foundation is not an endorsement of any individual, agency or organization.  Northwest Sarcoma Foundation may not necessarily agree with all information provided on other web sites, but has found some value may exist for patients and family members.

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